Doesn’t that word itself pull a trigger inside you? A flush of anger? Is the word too radical for you?  Too demanding?

The word is nothing but a symbol of the struggle a certain sect of society has faced over centuries. It is the notion, the belief that fully liberates the “weaker sex” from the shackles of patriarchy.

Patriarchy, the existence of which seeks to  shelter itself under fields of modernism. Patriarchy, something you shrug off as an element of the past, as you continue to sip tea made by a maid who is paid less than your manservant. Patriarchy, a socially prevalent evil, which you choose to accept has been overcome and yet you forget that to this day, thousands of women struggle with their identity behind a veil.

It is very easy for you, with all the privileges you struggle to maintain, to point out how feminism is a weapon against men. You type out a tweet speaking about the lack of a men’s day. You write enraged articles about how the legal structure of India tends to favor women. You loathe the fact that women have reserved coaches in the metro while you try to glimpse down her shirt. You have brief chats in your office breaks that women today have the same  opportunities as you, yet they fight for a cause just to get an edge.

Feminism does not mean that women need an edge. It simply means that women need a push. For when you venture out beyond the fact that you “let your wife” go to office, you will see the great lot of misogyny that exists in each nook and cranny of the world in some form of the other.

Till the day we feel a need to applaud women  for going out of their comfort zone, or achieving a feat meant for men, or shedding their feminine traits to “work like a man”; till the day personal choice is not a luxury but a need ; we will need feminism as a crutch for women.