A celebration, to mark the dawn
Of a fresh start
A resolution, to grow
As the past year

Failing to see how, each dawn
Marked with a sunrise,
The moons feeble light
Flooding your doorstep
With a drop of opportunity
As you seek for the sea

To offer lessons each day
An experience in a shot glass
As you stand there and cry
For the bottle of wine
Your throat dry

I rarely write what I feel explicitly, twisting my words to be interpreted by whosoever takes out the time to read them. So here I write what this piece means to me.

Each day I learn, be it the first of January or not. This year has been a roller-coaster of experiences for me, no matter how small, they built me. I have no resolutions this year, except to learn. To grow as a person by imbibing the little things that build my day. (An example would be the Reader, where each time I go, I find a new experience posted by one of you, inspiring me. I have amassed a few blogs I return to regularly, trying to pick up a thing or two.) Each day, I’ll post more, I’ll interact more, I’ll study more. Not be intimidated by the needles, for as Michelangelo put it – Ancora Imparo.