A faded spark of silver
That is all you see
A passing poetic moment
As you lay on the tender green,
on blades that are larger to you than
I will ever be.
Oh what a shame that so much I bother
To make an ephemeral moment so serene

 Physics would fret Day and Night
There is no day and night where I am from
But your esteemed self will ask for a measure
I know.

To unite silly clouds of gases gracious.
With made up forces, only to light
Me up for the solace of your
Gullible poetic mind
Creating a rift amongst
My ferocious insides which struggle
As I pull a face
So calm and subtle.

Full of fervour, I die, I replenish,
Wishes I grant
I guide those who wander,
Illuminate those in the dark
Noticed but unseen like
A crying leaf at dawn
Or a singing lark

In your daily journal
Or a Physics book
I’ll convince you
To write about me.
I’ll try.

“A star is a luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity. It makes me want to cry sometimes, because it makes all that I deem important
look redundant.”