“Mother, I will not go to school from tomorrow. I hate it.”

“Why, what happened, Billy?”

“A big boy came to me in the bus today. He asked me for my lunch box, so I gave it to him. But he punched me when I told him not to eat all of it!”

“What? Why did you give him your lunch box?”

“He had told me that he wanted to be friends with me, mother, and you had told me to make some today.”

The helpless mother wished to put him right back in his crib, for his first day at school had taught him more than she could in three long years. She had taught him what numbers were, today he had learnt how to count, and soon he would solve Calculus.

Oh, her worst fear, her fragile one had taken his first step into a perplexing hell called life, and she could but be a mere witness.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imaginary Friend.”