This really kind person just did a huge favour on my novice blog by nominating me for the extremely prestigious (insert drumroll) Real Neat Blog Award.
Check it out! :

I’ll begin by trying to answer the questions.
The first word I ever spoke was probably the first sign of how verbose I would grow up to be. Something along the lines of glubglub, or mamama, I reckon.
My comfort food is definitely, by a large voting difference, Maggi.
I plan to spend all my money and time on Iceland, that’s the dream. Hopefully not die in a fjord.
There is absolutely no habit of mine that I would ‘like’ to get rid of. I try to love myself and accept myself for how I am. I think I’d like to stop being so selfish at times, though.
I’m happy when I’m free of all sorts of deadlines.
I would never, ever choose to be the same person all my life. The grass is always greener, and I’d probably sink into depression due to the monotony.
A book that has influenced me the most, is the alphabet, that introduced me to the 26 most beautiful shapes, and The Little Prince, which introduced me to the simple yet complex forms these shapes could take.

wpid-real-neat-blog-awardFor the uninitiated, these are the rules:
– Insert the award logo onto your post
– Answer the seven questions they asked you.
– Thank the blogger who nominated you.
– Nominate other bloggers and ask them five questions and let them know.

I initially thought I would let it pass, since I am quite shy when it comes to expressing myself, and quite new around here.
However, I did this out of pure love for the following blogs:
The two most brilliant poets I know:
The oldest and most inspiring blog I follow:
The reason i have to do this:
I’d like to nominate them, to carry further this title.

My questions to those I have nominated are:
1) Which has been the most defining moment of your life?
2) Which is your go-to book or movie when you are down?
3) Which real or fictional person has influenced you and your work the most?
4) What, about life, saddens you the most?
5) Which is a song capable of changing your mood?