Almost dead
A motivation to move ahead

There’s a thirst
A thirst which eats me
A thirst to be known
A thirst to be free
I’m running
Where to?
Where I’m meant to be
Where I’m meant to breath

I need to achieve
I need to win
I run
I fall
I crawl
I’m up
I’m running
I’m flying, I’m soaring
I’m there

My vision is blurred
I can only see
What I have, what I’ve earned
It smirks at me
Everything I’ve achieved
A coffin of passion and greed

Beside me
Lies another of my kin
He has seen nothing,
Crawling through life
Never ran
Never fell
Never flew
Can not sink in pride
He has visions too
Of places unknown, unseen
Lands I’ve never been

He has emotions, joy, grief,
I seek for my own
A veil of green
A veil of fame
A veil of triumph
Too high I have flown.

Lying on the same bed
We close our eyes
The same stars we wed