DISCLAIMER: This article is in no way defending or sanctioning the recent killings that took place in Paris. May the dead and deceased rest in peace, I personally condemn violence in name of religion.

Imagine someone you have idolised since childhood.
Imagine them being depicted naked or humiliated for the actions  of someone who took your idol’s advice.
Imagine someone screaming the word nigger or slave for a black gentleman crossing the street.
A senior big student bullying his junior in your school’s corridor.
A husband emotionally torturing his wife by repeatedly verbally humiliating her.
A teacher calling her student with special needs insane, a good-for-nothing.
A man on the street passing lewd comments on the girl with a hot ass
Someone defaming you in front of your family, your work group, or even on national television.

I am disgusted with people who misinterpret religion and resort to violence to preach their God. I also feel bad when people say they are Charlie. Charlie isn’t about the freedom of speech. Charlie is about how much we should speak until it becomes too much, too racist, sexist or emotionally torturing.

I believe in freedom of speech and expression, and living the way you wish too, as long as you cause no damage to another human. If we need a peaceful world, we need to join our hands and make it free of any sort of violence, both, emotional or physical.

My heart goes out to the 17 dead and their families. My heart also goes out to those who believe in Islam in it’s purest form, and have to live in a society so racist to them.